Check-in date


Room type


Will I be chaeged if I cancel the reservation?
The canceling fee occuers from 2 days before your reservation.
・48 hours before is 30% of the reservation.
・24 hours before is 50% of the reservation
・If you cancel the day of your reservation you will still be charged full price.
Please contact us when you know you’ll be late on check-in time; otherwise your reservation will be cancelled.
You cannot change or cancel your reservation by calling exept the day you check in.
If you would like to make a reservation again, please email us directly or use our website or hotel reservation service.
these cancellation policy would be different in case of large group booking.
(large group = over 10 people in one party)
Does the hostel have a Internet access?
We only have free wifi service.
We will give you the password at the reception desk.
Do you lock the doors during the night.
we have no curfew( time you have to come back).
*please notice: we lock the all entrance from midnight 24:00(12:00am) through 7:00am for safety.
When you go outside at that time, please use the night entrance, which is opened by your Keycard.
What is the price for a child?
No children discount. (Except it’s free when children under-six sleep and share the bed with their parents.)
We offer high-chair and baby bed if you need any.
We do not give children under 12 a permission to stay in dormitory room alone.
Please select other type of rooms or stay with parents or guardians.
Does the hostel have a parking-lot?
There’s no parking-lot at out hostel. Please use other parking-lots around the hostel.
Is there any convenience store around the hostel?
There’re two convinience stores around the hostel.
One is called FamilyMart. (One-minute walk from the hostel.)
The other is called Family Mart. (Three-minuete walk from the hostel.)
Does the hostel have a place to smoke a cigarette?
Smoking is prohibited in all hostel facilities and all types of guest rooms.
However, we have smoking areas next to the guest lounge on the B2 floor
and next to the main entrance on the 1st floor.
Could you keep my laggage?
We offer a spece where you can leave your laggage safely.
Can I send packages to the KYOTO HOSTEL MORRIS?
Yes. You can send your packages even before the check-in date.
Please make sure to write your check-in date and your name on the shipping label/air waybill.
We don’t keep the packages without guest’s name on the shipping label.